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Look no further for a dog trainer, Ewan is outstanding!
"I was totally amazed at how quickly Ewan transformed my extremely naughty puppy's behaviour! Thanks to Ewan I am now in control and there is no more BARKING, TERRORISING OUR POOR CATS OR ANYONE OR ANYTHING THAT DARE COME INTO HER VIEW! We can actually walk around the local park now without any issues. I can not thank or recommend Ewan enough, he is the best!"

MariaK - 59, 21 Oct 2017
"Thank You so much for your excellent review,Marie,Work has dried up the last 3 weeks & that’s upsetting not been able to help many for 3 weeks"
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Amazing Results
"Have so far had one session with Ewan, he is amazing and the results are instant! Can’t wait for our next session. Can’t recommend him highly enough!"

CFJ, 15 Oct 2017
"Thank You For Your Excellent Review & See You Again Today"
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Really Helpful
"Had one session with Ewan and he gave me some really useful tips on how to train, handle and understand my dog. 
Highly recommend! "

PippaP-2, 14 Sep 2017
"Thank You Pippa on your excellent review:-)"
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Great Job
" Ewan helped us a lot.Rocky is a very over protective dog and barks at any stranger nearby but now that Ewan has taught us his tecniques,Rocky is on his best behaviour. Thank You. Anna." 

AniaU-1, 13 Sep 2017
"Thank You for your excellent review,it's a pleasure helping dogs & there owners"
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Great Tips and Tricks
"Very nice, 90 minutes session inside and on the walk. Plenty of practical advices with real life examples."

PawelB-3, 28 Aug 2017
"Thank You For Your Excellent Review"
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Right man for the job
"Ewan was very confident, calm, reassuring, gave us the tools we needed to sort out the behavioural issue our 11 weeks old puppy has. He goes extra mile to provide a solution, we have already booked a follow-up session with him. Highly recommended for any issues, in a few hours we can see a great difference with our puppy behaviour, a more calm and happy dog!"

SoniaF-13, 19 Aug 2017
"Thank You Sonia for your excellent review & see you next week :-)"
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Help with dogs
"Ewan was very helpful in teaching us how to manage our two dogs and establish pack leadership in their routines. As a result the dogs are responding much better and we are pleased with their progress."

AlW-14, 15 Aug 2017
"Thank You For Your Excellent Review"
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"Ewan showed us some very simple ways to become pack leader and train both dogs to walk better on the lead. Also showed us tips for recall training and preventing excessive barking in the home. Already seeing the results after one day! Would highly recommend."

MarieB-68, 13th Aug 2017
"Thank You Marie for your excellent review & always gives me pleasure to help owners."
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Invaluable help!
"Ewan helped me with my new rescued lurcher called Sunshine. He showed me how to get her walking nicely on the lead without pulling, and simple methods to correct pulling if and when it occurred in the future. I started to put this into practice immediately with Sunshine and my other dog Trouble. The change has been incredible. Now I have two dogs to walk nicely on the lead without pulling nearly all of the time. Before this I just accepted that the pulling was a fact of life. We also did some recall training and I was impressed with you and is knowledge and calm confidence. Would highly recommend him."

CarolynC-29, 12th Aug 2017
"Thank You Carolyn for your excellent review & happy I have made a difference."
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New dog!
"Ewan worked really well with our dog. He addressed what we needed to work on using simple to remember and easy to ue strategies. We have a more secure, calm and happy dog and we feel now more confident and happy with our dog. I would highly recommend."

PatriciaE-20, 07th Aug 2017
"Thank You Patricia for your excellent review"
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Fantastic dog behaviourist.
"Ewan has transformed our troublesome dog in minutes and made it easy for us to follow his procedures. Works like magic. Very happy. We will be using him again and would highly recommend him. A very good guy at reasonable rates. An excellent trainer."

PortiaP, 06th Aug 2017
Thank You For Your Excellent Review & so happy that I have helped you with your dog
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Dog Training and obedience
"Had Ewan visit our home yesterday for a training session he arrived time and on point, using a fantastic method and new ways of getting both my wife and I trained to work better with our border collie. Walking him out in public was always a struggle as our dog is always pulling when my wife took him out for a walk, now he walks by her side and she leads the pack rather than being dragged up the street. We now have a dog who is more obedient with both my wife and I In just one session, will be looking forward to working with him again, Good fun and great prices thanks again."

ScottM-227, 9th Jul 2017
"Thank You Bob, I love helping owners getting the most out of their dogs & happy I have made a difference."
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Absolutely brilliant
"Ewan is unbelievable. The changes he makes in terms of improving the behaviour of your dog are unreal. I only had him for two hours and my relationship with my dog is completely transformed. My dog was barking, nipping ankles, sleeping on the bed...unable to understand commands...now what i say, goes :) My only regret is not contacting him the day my dog arrived. If you are having any trouble with your dog, just give this guy a call! It's so cheap and completely transformative."

LeaSi, 9th Jul 2017
"Thank You Lea, I'm happy to helped you & your dog & that you enjoyed the training"
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Excellent training!
"Calm,effective and very professional. Our 3years old staffie no longer pulling on the lead. We are now enjoying every walk with our dog."

YuliaK, 3rd Jul 2017
"Thank You For Your Excellent Review & I Am Happy That You Enjoy Your Walks Now"
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Very Helpful
"Ewan gave us support and advice around barking for our 3 year old lab and he also helped with suggestions for walking her. I would definitely go back to Ewan for more advice in the future and recommend him."

HelenS-249, 8th Jun 2017
"Thank You For Your Excellent Review"
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Great tips and Great value

"My 5 month old cocker spaniel puppy and I had our first session with Ewan a couple of days ago and I learnt some great tips which the pup is starting to respond to! Ewan offers a great and affordable service and we are looking forward to seeing him again next week to learn some more! Great value for money and highly recommend booking a session in for any new puppy owners!"

Camilla, 20th May 2017
"Thank You For Your Excellent Review"
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Excellent help with our Lab

"Ewan was very helpful with our over excited lab cross he was a challenge but Ewan got there in the end. After just one seasion with him we learnt so much and are continuing to use the techniques he has taught us. Also he traveled to come see us in Romford which many others would not do. He is very good and would definitely recommend. Many thanks Ewan for your help . 👍🏻"

Jayne, 14th April 2017
"Thank You For Your Excellent Review"
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"As the title says - Euan was brilliant! My puppy responded to him straight away. We had been training Freddie for a while but Euan really helped us to get the breakthrough we were looking for. 

We have already booked him again for another session."

Nadia, 24th March 2017
"Thank You For Your Excellent Review"
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A * Service

"We had 2 sessions and have seen an improvement in our dog, he was pulling on the lead so Ewan showed us lots of tips to stop this we noticed a difference straight away and are still continuing to use the hints and tips he showed us. Very friendly highly recommended."

Kelly, 27th January 2017
"Thank You For Your Excellent Review"
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Presa canario and staffy

"We've had a 2 hour session so far and have instantly seen a change in our dogs. The trainer is very polite and friendly and patient with both our dogs and us as owners. Will definitely be having some more training sessions and will definitely recommend to other dog owners."

Sharon, 18th January 2017
"Hi Sharon, My phone is broken with your details,in it,can you phone me on my landline 02084702611 & leave your address on my answer phone if I'm not in, Thank You Once Again for you kind words, Ewan"
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